Foundation Repair

Even the thought of a foundation can problem can stress out any homeowner, and for good reason. The foundation of a house is its support system, after all. A home that shows outward signs of damage can easily compromise the overall integrity of the house?셲 overall structure.

While a professional who specializes in foundation repair can determine the full extent of the damage, there are certain warning signs and issues that homeowners should be aware of. Some of them include:

  • Cracks in interior or exterior walls
  • Walls that appear to be bowing
  • Crack in flooring or sunken slab floors
  • Eroded footers
  • Obviously unstable chimneys or stoops
  • Windows and doors that do not close properly

Do you find that any of these things have become a problem in your home? If they have, you will need foundation repair services, and we can of help. Our team of professionals at Ameri-Dry Foundation Repair use innovative and proven techniques for repairing the foundations of customers in the following states: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Give us a call at 1-800-580-1964 for a free no-cost estimate and so you can found out exactly how Ameri-Dry can permanently solve the foundation problems with your home.

Causes of Foundation Problems

If you are experiencing any type of foundation problems with your home, you will most likely want to know the specific reason for them. There are a number of reasons for foundation problems, including:

  • Uneven expansion or contraction of soil surrounding the home (referred to as differential movement)
  • Excessive amount of moisture caused by improper drainage, subsurface or rain water.
  • Inadequate drainage, such as improperly aligned gutter downspouts.
  • Low or high soil moisture during construction, exposing the foundation of your home or rain or water.
  • Poor pre-construction work.

While these tend to be the most common reasons for foundation problems, our waterproofing professionals can determine the precise cause of the issues with your home. If the problems are detected early enough, the appropriate repair or foundation waterproofing system can correct the problem before any structural damage occurs. Contact your local Ameri-Dry office for foundation repair services in your area.

Permanent Dry Foundation Repair Solutions in Virginia

No matter what the precise cause or nature of your foundation problem is, Ameri-Dry Foundation Repair offers tested and proven solutions that work. We are nationally recognized as being an industry leader in foundation repair services, as well as foundation waterproofing, basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing.

The team of experts at Ameri-Dry consists of the most experienced and skilled experts, engineers, management and technicians in the industry, all of them working together to provide you with permanent foundation repair solutions. We offer the following foundation repair services:

  • Foundation crack repair
  • Concrete foundation repair
  • Stone foundation repair
  • Foundation leak repair
  • Brick foundation repair

Regardless of whatever caused the foundation problems you are having, we have the best and most effective repair systems for your home. Call us at 1-800-580-1964 for a FREE estimate and so you can discover how Ameri-Dry can put an end to your foundation problems once and for all!