Crawlspace Waterproofing

Crawl spaces are one of the most common areas for moisture problems in a house. Excessive moisture can lead to a number of problems that can easily affect the health of every person living in the house. Some of the more common problems that are associated with wet crawlspaces include:

  • Toxic mold forming on insulation and becoming airborne, spreading throughout the house.
  • Breeding ground for insects and various animals
  • Rotting wood and structural damage as a result

Ameri-Dry offers some of the most innovative and effective waterproofing solutions for crawlspaces to keep this area of the house dry at all times. Call 1-800??80-1964 for free estimate so you can find out how Ameri-Dry can solve all of the problems you are having with your wet crawlspace. We service the homes of people in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and other states.

Causes of a Wet Crawlspace

If the crawlspace in your home is wet, you most likely want to know why. While the precise reason for wetness in a crawlspace can be determined only by an expert, there are some very common reasons for excessive moisture in a crawlspace. The first reason is that crawlspaces inherently attract more moisture and humidity than any other part of the house. Some of the other factors that should be considered include:

  • Roof water that is falling too close to your house, soaking the soil around the house.
  • Incorrectly positioned downspouts
  • Rising water tables are a common reason for moisture and puddling
  • Homes built at the bottom of a slope sometimes have problems with rainwater flowing down and pooling around the foundation.
  • Poor drainage or ventilation

If you demand to know the exact reason for the excessive amount of wetness/moisture in your crawlspace, our team of professionals can be of assistance. At Amer-Dry, we will provide you with a waterproofing solution that will work well for your crawlspace permanently. Just give us a call to get started.

Permanent Crawlspace Waterproofing Solutions

To assist with preventing excess moisture, pests, mold and various harmful allergens that can put the overall health of your family at risk, we at Ameri-Dry offer two different innovative waterproofing solutions:

America-Drain subfloor system that:

  • Improves drainage by directing the water into the Ameri-Drain system, located next to the footing.
  • Dries floors evenly by preventing the water from going above the system.
  • Has holes that are larger than average to guarantee continuous drainage, even during heavy outside rain.
  • Has an innovative design that prevents the system from clogging.

Ameri-Flex sealing system that:

  • Fully insulates the crawlspace with a high R-5 insulation value
  • Reduces the amount of radiant heat loss throughout the floors of the home by over 50%
  • Keeps moisture levels to an absolute minimum, greatly reducing the chances of mold formation and growth.

We can help you with choosing the most appropriate crawlspace waterproof system for your home and install it so you will never again have to worry about any amount of moisture when it rains. Contact us to get more information about how Ameri-Dry can provide a solution to your particular crawlspace issues.

Waterproofing Crawlspaces in Virginia

We at Ameri-Dry understand that having a wet crawlspace can be incredibly frustrating as well as a massive inconvenience. Our team of professionals use only the latest and most innovative methods for waterproofing our customers??crawlspaces, so you will never have to be concerned about mold, pests or structural damage during the rainier months.

Need local waterproofing services for your crawlspace? Contact our local Virginia Office.