Basement Waterproofing

What’s in a name? When it comes to ours, the answer is . . . everything! Ameri-Dry짰 is helping to keep America dry . . . one basement and crawlspace at a time.

(Even if that means cleaning up major problems left behind by other basement waterproofing companies, as seen in the video below.)

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Ameri-Dry?셲 goal is to help keep homeowners??basements dry year round, even when that involves having to fix the mistakes that were made by other waterproofing companies in the past.

Wet Basements/Leaky Basement

If you are having a problem with a wet basement, you are well aware of how frustrating it can be. There is absolutely no doubt that you need a permanent way to prevent leakage and water infiltration in your basement immediately. A wet basement can mean losing some of your most valuable and cherished personal items as well as putting the structural integrity and health of your family at risk.

Waterproofing professionals at Ameri-Dry are very experienced when it comes to drying up even the wettest basements permanently, so it will not be a problem in the future. We have been helping to fix leaky basements in the homes of many people, from Knoxville to Baltimore and a number of other areas for over 30 years now. Contact us today to get a free from estimate from us, so we can let you know how much it will cost to waterproof your basement for good.

Causes of a Wet Basement

Like any caring homeowner, you most likely want to know what was responsible for the leak in your basement. The precise cause of the leak only be determined by a waterproofing professional, but there are numerous reasons for a leak. Some of the more common reasons for basement leaks include cracks, poor drainage and clogged or broken downspouts. (Refer to the illustration below for more causes.)

Look at it this way: When your home was first built, a hole was made for the basement. The ground never fully recovered from the trauma caused by the hole, so whenever it is filled with moisture, water travels towards it. Pressure from the water builds up around the walls and floors of your basement, something known as hydrostatic pressure, eventually causing seepage at any cracks, opening or joints in your basement. This is an extremely common problem, and the National Association of Realtors states that 85% of all homes in America have wet basements at some point.


A Permanent Basement Waterproofing Solution

Regardless of what initially caused the leakage in your basement, Ameri-Dry has the solution you need for permanent waterproofing. Simply put, the system used by Ameri-Dry is designed to redirect any groundwater seeping into your basement in a safe and non-visible way. With the help of Ameri-Dry Basement Systems products, you will be able to trust that your basement will always remain completely dry. Whether you use your basement for storage, recreational purposes or an additional living space, it is very important that it remains dry, clean and sanitary.

No matter what the extent of the water damage in your basement is, we are the very best waterproofing contract to meet your specific needs. We serve a number of different clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, including parts of Maryland, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Call 1-800-580-1964 for a free estimate so you can find out exactly how Ameri-Dry can help solve all of your wet basement issues once and for all.