Basement Waterproofing FAQs

If your basement has not been expertly waterproofed by professionals, it can easily become flooded when there is a rain storm. A wet basement can result in ruined personal belongings as well as other more serious problems. It only takes a little bit of moisture in a basement to cause mold as well as structural damage, which can have a tremendously negative impact on the home itself as well as the people who live in it.

What are some common signs of a wet basement or crawlspace?

Water pooled on the floor is the most obvious external warning sign of a wet basement, but you should also look for some of these things as well:

  • Mold
  • Musty smell
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • A powdery substance on the walls
  • Water stains

What are the causes of a wet basement?

Some of the more common causes of a wet basement include cracks in the foundation, clogged downspouts and poor drainage. Our waterproofing professionals are experienced and well-trained, so they are able to identify some of the more uncommon reasons for a wet basement as well.

Do you have any discounts on your basement waterproofing services?

Yes! We have special online offers that can be used for any of our waterproofing services after a free basement inspection.

Do you provide a warranty on your waterproofing solutions?

Yes! We offer a full lifetime warranty that covers all of our basement waterproofing system for the entire life of the structure.

What causes foundation problems?

Foundation problems can result from uneven contraction or expansion of the ground surrounding the house, inadequate drainage, excess rain, leaks in plumbing or poor pre-construction work. Read more about foundation problems here.

Do you work with all types of foundations?

We offer foundation repair services for concrete, stone and brick foundations. However, we only provide polyurethane crack injection for poured concrete.

What are your qualifications to perform waterproofing services?

The team of professionals that makes up Ameri-Dry has 30 years of experience with basement waterproofing, and we provide our key employees with an intense training course along with routine field training to make sure they can do their jobs properly. Our company has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

What can I expect from a basement inspection?

As your free basement inspection is being conducted, one of our waterproofing professionals will go over all of the wet basement problems you have, assessing the extent of the damage and providing you with recommendations for repair work. We will also provide you with an estimate after the inspection has been completed.

How long do your waterproofing solutions last?

Our waterproofing systems are designed to provide our customers with a permanently dry area, so you won?셳 have to worry about a wet basement or any other area of your home in the future. We also provide every customer with a lifetime warranty that lasts for the entire life of the structure.

How are your waterproofing systems evaluated?

All of our crawlspace waterproofing solutions are independently tested and evaluated by Architectural Testing, Inc. Our foundation repair systems are also evaluated independently by BOCA-ES to ensure complete safety.